It’s not just about the Fibro.

Sadly I do not just suffer from Fibromyalgia, I also have a collapsing Spine. This was only discovered last year after around four years of back pain, which I just put down too sleeping badly.

How it was describe to me was like this: all the spongy disc between your bony ones in your lumbar region have lost there volume and one is poking out hitting your nerve. There is no way to know how or why this happened, but it will never get better. In fact the disc will soon fail completely and you will get bone on bone, with the hope your spine will fuse itself.

As you can imagine this was devastating news, from being such an active person to struggling to even bend now. But I get by and with three hours of physio and exercise a day I can function to about 60%. The pain is constant and occasionally the disc will hit my nerve in such a way, I am unable to move and have to be admitted to hospital for a week long treatment involving morphine and diazepam. Not a great treatment plan, but the only one that works.

During my blog I will talk about my back and what I do to help function day to day, but backs are tricky areas and I really would like to point out that what might work for me might not for you and if you do have a spinal injury such as mine, please please please consult your Dr before embarking on anything I say that helps me.

I want to help people with Fibromyalgia and or spinal problems, by sharing all my treatments, diet and exercise plans. And in a way I want to help myself. I might not post everyday but I hope to keep this up.

Thank you for reading. Xx



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